Control of pregnancy

Normal and High Risk Pregnancy Control

Adequate and timely prenatal care, permanent monitoring and follow-up throughout the gestation process, the performance of several specialized examinations such as biochemical markers, amniocentesis, in certain cases, 3D and 4D ultrasound studies and other technologies such as the determination of “karyotype” “Of the mother and / or father, are important; thus, they allow to offer an effective treatment and even facilitate the diagnosis of possible chromosomal diseases, to determine the behavior to follow and to offer the opportune advice, assuring the health and well-being of the mother and son binomial.


Electronic fetal monitoring is equally important to perform during the pregnancy process, as it provides information on fetal well-being to determine if there is any risk of the baby remaining inside the maternal womb, to perform appropriate and timely treatment.

The experience acquired over the years and the training, allow to offer this type of control that results in confidence and security of good results for the mother and her child.