Diagnostic and Surgical Hysteroscopy

Office Hysteroscopy

Within diagnostic video endoscopic procedures, which are part of the Minimally Invasive evaluation of women, hysteroscopy is the most important and with the greatest potential in gynecological office diagnosis. In fact, hysteroscopy is the ideal procedure for the structural and functional evaluation of the uterine cavity, endometrial biopsies can be taken, without anesthesia or invasion with traditional instruments.

It is so versatile that it immediately diagnoses injuries that otherwise would require more invasive techniques in the operating room and under anesthesia, in most cases and can also be used to determine certain causes of infertility especially when there have been infections of the endometrial cavity or previous curettes.

Occasionally performed on an outpatient basis and does not require sophisticated preparation, for this purpose a state-of-the-art technology called ENDOSEE is used.



Surgical Hysteroscopy

Surgical hysteroscopy is performed in a hospital or clinic with general or spinal anesthesia and can diagnose and resolve the various pathologies that are inside the uterine cavity, such as polyps, adhesions, septa, submucosal fibroids, foreign bodies as devices without guide threads, and observe and take endometrial biopsies send histopathological study and know the causes of uterine bleeding, and if the case is in the same act endometrial ablation can be performed so that the patient stops having uterine bleeding.