It is a technique that allows visualization of the abdominal pelvic organs through very small wounds and serves to treat different types of diseases such as ovarian cysts, adhesions, uterine myomas aided by their extraction by an instrument called a morcellator that allows the removal of fibroids without the need to open the abdomen since it reduces the size of this type of tumors and can be extracted by the same wounds of the trocars.

In the cases of pelvic pain or menstrual cramps and if there is suspicion of Endometriosis is the Gold Standard in the diagnosis and treatment of this problematic and complex pathology that in many cases comes to give sterility. It is useful for the assessment of tubal patency; important factor in the study of sterility.

Hysterectomies can also be performed through this access route that gives the patient greater comfort, less pain and recovery is faster than with conventional techniques.

All the mentioned can be registered in different video media, take photographs to document the cases and for later studies.