It is the amplified visualization of the abdominal pelvic organs by introducing small trocars, one by the navel and two additional by the lateral region of the pelvis in order to visualize more accurately the uterus, the ovaries and the tubes. obtain an adequate diagnosis and solve the different pathologies that can be the cause of the aforementioned problems. The removal or release of adhesions, the drainage of ovarian cysts, tubal patency tests, extraction of fibroids by morcellation, avoiding the removal of the unnecessary uterus and diagnose all other causes of menstrual pain and infertility; There will be cases in which the uterus can be removed by this minimally accessible surgical technique and the uterus is removed vaginally.

For cases in which it is necessary to diagnose and treat: the causes of chronic pelvic pain, the factors that cause sterility and / or difficulty in getting pregnant or cases of suspected ENDOMETRIOSIS since this minimally invasive technique constitutes the “Gold Standard” in the diagnosis and treatment of these types of problems that are difficult to diagnose with other methods.



Extended visualization of the pelvic organs including tubal patency with excellent results for the future.

Important relief of pelvic pain.

Minimally invasive surgery, adequate postoperative comfort.

Quick recovery almost without scars due to the entry and use of very fine material.

Almost immediate incorporation to the daily tasks.