Myomas are also called fibromas or leiomyomas, they consist of focal proliferations of smooth muscle cells of the uterus, and is the most common indication of surgery in women in the USA, a third or more of hysterectomies are performed by fibroids, most do not cause symptoms and do not require treatment, they constitute true problems when their location causes abundant and irregular bleeding or infertility, and when they acquire significant size they cause mass effect: pelvic pain, urinary urgency or constipation, habitual abortions, pain in the sexual relation. They occur in the fertile age in greater percentage and its appearance has been seen more frequently in Afro-descendant women. These benign tumors cause many doctors to offer women the only alternative hysterectomy (the removal of the uterus) which we try to avoid with minimally invasive surgical techniques such as myomectomy (removal of fibroids).

Various techniques are used according to the location of the fibroids and this surgery is performed through very small incisions like the ones shown below, or laparoscopically or hysteroscopically depending on the location of the fibroids and which also allow the uterus to be preserved and even get a new pregnancy if that is the desire of the patient depending on their age and their desires.



Uterus with 3 myomas


Extirpated myomas

Actual size of the wound


Approximate wound with protective tapes